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Talking about Up2You

Who is Up2You?
Siamo una società benefit e B Corp certificata. Creiamo soluzioni e percorsi personalizzati che rendono la sostenibilità un vantaggio competitivo per le aziende grazie a un team competente e piattaforme innovative.
Rendiamo la sostenibilità il vantaggio competitivo per le aziende.
Guidiamo aziende e organizzazioni nel loro percorso di sostenibilità, fornendo loro servizi e tecnologie innovative.
How to write Up2You

The tone of voice

Our mission and the values that guide us also find expression in the way we communicate: we use an inclusive, simple, transparent and direct tone of voice in order to effectively convey our messages.
When we describe our solutions and services, we do so with precision and immediacy, ensuring that even the most technical information is understandable.

We have a professional and authoritative approach, without neglecting the freshness and dynamism that distinguish our content.

Badge Fighting Climate Change

Introducing "Fighting Climate Change with Up2You," the badge with which to creatively and effectively communicate your company's commitment to fighting climate change together with Up2You.
Fighting Climate Change badge white
White version
Fighting Climate Change badge black
Black version
Negative version
Download the badge here

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