Up2You Brand Guidelines

Our marketing and design teams have produced a guide to help you communicate your commitment to the environment.

Talking about Up2You

Who is Up2You?
Up2You is the greentech and B Corp certified startup that enables companies to reduce their environmental impact. We offset their CO₂ emissions and then certify their commitment on blockchain.

We incentivize sustainable actions and study low-impact business models. At Up2You we create digital tools to make every company greener and offer products to measure, reduce and offset emissions, but also to engage staff.

We support sustainable projects with social and environmental impact, capable of capturing CO₂, preserving forests, protecting ecosystems, and developing sustainable technologies. 
Up2You wants to accompany people and businesses toward a sustainable present, helping to implement small changes to combat climate change. We want to help develop greener lifestyles and business models, with simple steps that take into account everyone's needs.
We are the bridge between the preservation of our planet and the everyday life of all of us. We believe in the simplicity of small changes, to make the world of sustainability understandable and accessible to all.
How to write Up2You

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Communicating products

Whether it's a LinkedIn post, a Tik Tok video, a blog article or a press release, we've put together a kit to help you communicate your commitment to the environment.

Select the Up2You service you have purchased. Inside you will find a copy and a graphic to customise and use on your communication channels.
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Telling about projects

Would you like to tell us in detail about your chosen projects?
Here is the page on our website where you will find all the information.
Up2You projects
Up2You Certifications: Carbon Footprint, Net-Zero and Carbon Neutrality

Up2You Certified

Are you at the beginning of your journey toward carbon neutrality?
Have you made a single product or specific activity carbon neutral?

Every action deserves the right recognition!

Up2You's certifications enhance your climate commitment from the very beginning. They do so clearly and transparently, because they show exactly where you've gotten to, avoiding the risk of greenwashing. We have one for each major milestone achieved.
Find out how to get them