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What is the carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint, or carbon footprint, corresponds to the calculation of all CO₂ emissions associated directly or indirectly with a company, product or service.

Calculating it allows you to improve the sustainability performance of your business and start on a path to reducing and offsetting emissions.
Carbon footprint calculation

We help you calculate

Corporate carbon footprint

We measure the scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions produced by your company.

Digital carbon footprint

We calculate theCO2 emissions produced by your digital business.

Product carbon footprint

We calculate the carbon footprint of your product to make it even more distinctive.

Carbon footprint of an event

We make your event more memorable by calculating its carbon footprint.

Why should you calculate the carbon footprint?

Here's why you should measure your impact

Winning tenders and competitions

Knowing your carbon footprint allows you to score higher in public and/or private tenders and bids.

Becoming a supplier

Brands increasingly need suppliers' carbon footprint calculations in order to measure purpose 3 emissions.

Obtaining certifications

The calculation is the basis for obtaining certain certifications such as B Corp and ISO 14064-1, or joining initiatives such as SBTi and Ecovadis.

Creating competitive advantage

Beginning a sustainability journey allows you to stand out from competitors and achieve superior positioning.

Setting a climate strategy

The calculation is the first step in beginning a path to reducing and offsettingCO2 emissions.

Drafting sustainability report

Emissions reporting is an important point within the sustainability report.

Why Up2You

Stress-free data collection

Data collection is the most important step in obtaining an accurate calculation. Our team will support you from start to finish to make this process easier and faster.

Accurate analysis in a short time

Our technology allows you to quickly measure your impact and get a concrete result in a matter of days.

Technology and science behind

The result you get is aligned with international GHG Protocol standards and can be verified by any certified third party.

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The results achieved by the companies that chose us

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"Up2You has been a valuable ally in launching our company's path to carbon neutrality. The helpful and efficient account team and the platform's ease of use made the whole journey quick and easy. Thanks to Up2You's advice, we were able to obtain an important sustainability certification."
Simonetta Masci
Office Account Manager
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"We chose Up2You because it gave us the opportunity to approach a complex issue through an extremely usable and accessible approach to pursuing our goals. The platform gave us a way to translate the company's impact into a concrete and communicable figure, helping us to spread a culture of sustainability internally."
Alessio D'Andrea
Co-founder & COO
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"The platform allowed us to track our emissions well. The speed and support in data collection, as well as the support of the team, has enabled us to achieve our goals. Up2You gave us the support we needed to be able to embark on this journey. Up2You's expertise and reputation have been confirmed to us in several cases, sometimes even by competitors, confirming in fact the quality of the service."
Stephen Neva
Organizational manager
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"Up2You was instrumental and we got along very well right away. The people we collaborated with were very fast. The communication, involvement, and timely support in data collection was an important added value that allowed us to get concrete results from the very first moment."
Giulia Locatelli
Chief Growth Officer
"We approached Up2You in order to be able to calculate our emissions and understand how to take action to improve our impact. We were immediately convinced by the transparency of the people involved, the clarity of the processes and the traceability of operations. The Up2You team also allowed us to train internally by passing on passion and knowledge in the area of environmental sustainability. "
Daniele Bertuccelli
CSR Manager

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You may be wondering:

What is the meaning of carbon footprint?

The carbon footprint is the calculation of all GHG emissions of an activity and in this case of a company's activities. According to the Kyoto Protocol guidelines, the greenhouse gases that are part of GHG emissions are: carbon dioxide (CO₂); methane (CH4); nitrogen monoxide (N2O); hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs); perfluorocarbons (PFCs); and sulfur hexafluoride(SF6). For ease of carbon footprint calculation, all have been translated into CO₂ equivalent.

How does the carbon footprint calculation work?

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To measure a company's carbon footprint, as defined by the GHG Protocol, GHG emissions are first divided into 3 categories: Scope 1; Scope 2; Scope 3. GHG emissions are then calculated by multiplying primary data (electricity consumption, gas consumption, vehicle fuel...) with an emission factor, which is a parameter that indicates how much CO₂ eq. is emitted per unit of primary data.If calculatingCO2 emissions seems complicated to you, fear not, our calculator is precisely intended to make each step simple and intuitive.

Of course we will always be at your disposal, but thanks to our calculator you only need to answer a few questions to get the accurate result of your carbon footprint in a few minutes, in line with the GHG Protocol.

What is the GHG Protocol?

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It is a globally recognized standard for measuring and managing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of companies and their value chains, as well as for emission reduction measures. It is the most widely used for the calculation and reporting of emissions by companies and institutions.

What are the issues of Scope 1, 2?

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Scope 1 emissions are direct GHG emissions that result from sources owned or controlled by an organization. These emissions are generated from the use of fossil fuels and the release of greenhouse gases defined by the Kyoto Protocol into the atmosphere. Some sources of these emissions are, for example, boilers, emergency generators, and company cars.Scope 2 emissions are indirect emissions from the generation of electricity, heat, and steam purchased and consumed by the organization. These emissions are considered indirect because the company is responsible for the use of the energy, but not for the emissions generated by the supplier to produce it.

What are the emissions of Scope 3?

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Scope 3 emissions are indirect GHG emissions, excluding those from electricity, heat and steam: this category encompasses emission sources that are not under direct corporate control, but whose emissions are indirectly related to the company's operations. Scope 3 emissions include emissions upstream and downstream in the value chain, such as emissions from suppliers and customers.

Perhaps I can wait until the state imposes carbon neutrality on all companies before I proceed to calculate my emissions.

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Of course, keep in mind, however, that:

- you do not exploit the competitive advantage of being one of the few companies today that are committed to the environment. There is evidence that customers and investors today are much more sensitive to sustainability issues and choose companies that are pioneers in this regard;

- you can access tax and financial benefits that may no longer be guaranteed when carbon neutrality becomes the norm.

In short, don't wait for change! Start enjoying the benefits now.