The carbon neutral revolution starts with you

A choice and an opportunity

For a company, choosing to embark on a path toward carbon neutrality means choosing to fight global warming .

However, it also means seizing a real business opportunity that can provide real competitive advantages in terms of attracting partners, customers and talent and differentiating from competitors.

Your company is Carbon Neutral with Neutral Company
Take part in the revolution with Neutral Company

Take part in the carbon neutral revolution

Become a big company by making your carbon footprint small.

European targets call for at least a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 (compared to 1990 levels)

Italy plans to reduce its CO₂ emissions by 60 percent by 2030.

Taking the first step toward carbon neutrality therefore means getting ready and ahead of your competitors.

Neutral Company works

With Neutral Company, the path to carbon neutrality has never been easier: calculate your emissions in less than 5 minutes and neutralize them by going to support the certified environmental projects that matter most to you.

Calculate your company's environmental impact with Up2You's carbon footprint calculation software

Calculate your business's carbon footprint in minutes

Neutral Company carbon footprint calculator

Choose the plan that best suits your business needs.

Choose which of the certified international projects to support.

Take your first green step: try Neutral Company for free

The simple and accessible platform to calculate and offset your carbon footprint.

Dashboard Neutral CompanyDashboard Neutral Company

And after offsetting your corporate emissions?

You will be able to download certifications of your commitment, continuously monitor your progress, and access the climate kit . With our kit, you can make your investment effective by communicating your environmental commitment in an easy, fair and personalized way.

Climate Kit Neutral CompanyClimate Kit Neutral Company

What the climate kit includes

Neutral Company climate kit feature

Climate page

All the environmental achievements of your business summarized on a dedicated web page.

Neutral Company climate kit feature

Impact widget

Monitor how much CO₂ you are offsetting through a counter that you can place on your site.

Neutral Company climate kit feature

Map of projects

Indicate where the projects you have decided to support by going to offset your CO₂ emissions are located.

Neutral Company climate kit feature

Up2You Certified

They indicate the steps your company has taken and enhance each of your steps toward carbon neutrality.

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How much does it cost to become carbon neutral?

Neutral Company pricing is customized and directly proportional to the extent of each company's carbon footprint.

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You will be able to view the listing with the simple calculation of your carbon footprint.

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By choosing the annual subscription, you can also save 10% of the total expense.

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Carbon neutrality: the advantages of Neutral Company

In addition to playing a key role in addressing climate change, Neutral Company benefits include:

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Differentiation from direct competitors

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A greater ability to attract media attention and funding

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To win customers and talent looking for companies and brands with the same values

Carbon neutrality comparison with Italian companies
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Why precisely choose Neutral Company

Compared to other options available in the market, Neutral Company offers you more security, simplicity and immediacy.

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Accuracy of calculations, automated reporting available at all times

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The certified credits recognized by the European Union

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The blockchain

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The ability to request an advanced report with tips for reducing your environmental impact

They allow you to make a difference from the very first moment.

Comparison table of Neutral Company with competitors

See how other companies have made
carbon neutral their reality

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NIO Cocktails
In our own small way, we always try to do our best in every respect. For this reason, we have decided to support concrete projects for environmental protection, offsetting CO2 emissions by directly involving local people. We do not have a Planet B.
Luca Quagliano
CEO and Founder
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Malini - Life is colour
For us, being Green and Fairtrade means taking concrete and tangible actions. That's why we decided to offset our CO2 emissions this incredible project
Mario Sanjiv d'Emilio
CEO & Founder of the Malini brand
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speech balloon emoji
Thanks to Up2You, we managed to create an innovative event with a concrete and direct impact on the territory!
Martina Lucrezia Pellegatti
Sustainability Manager
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speech balloon emoji
Technology and Sustainability, a duo that can make a difference. That's why at AppQuality, we improve the quality of your digital products while never forgetting to protect the environment by continually offsetting CO2 emissions.
Lorenzo Capecchi
Chief Community Officer
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Some questions and objections that may have occurred to you
How can I be sure that I am really offsetting my emissions?

Simple, we are certified! OurCO2 capture or non-emission projects are third-party certified and follow the Verra and Gold Standards. In addition, all the information about theCO2 taken out of the atmosphere by your company, and related projects, is collected in an NFT associated with your company.

Perhaps I can wait for the state to impose carbon neutrality on all companies before proceeding.
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Of course, keep in mind, however, that:

- you do not exploit the competitive advantage of being one of the few carbon neutral companies today. There is evidence that customers and investors today are much more sensitive to sustainability issues and choose companies that are pioneers in this regard;

- you can access tax and financial benefits that may no longer be guaranteed when carbon neutrality becomes the norm.

In short, don't wait for change! Start enjoying the benefits now.

It is still not clear to me what carbon neutrality is.
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Carbon neutrality (or carbon neutrality) is the condition in whichCO2 emissions released into the atmosphere by carrying out certain activities are balanced by an equivalent amount offset (removed or avoided), over a given period of time. The goal is to bring one's carbon footprint to zero, making one's activities carbon free.

Can I deduct this expense from my taxes?
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Of course, the expense is fully deductible if it is inherent in your company's business.

Do you issue any certifications?
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Absolutely! As we have seen, an important part of the climate journey is communicating your results. That's why we will provide you with Up2You certifications, so that your commitment to this journey is certified and your customers have a quality assurance, enabling them to opt for more environmentally sustainable products and services.

But that's not all, our calculation methodology is in line with the GHG Protocol, the reference standard for carbon footprint accounting. Therefore, the result obtained can be used to undergo audits by an accredited third party, to obtain certifications such as PAS 2060 or B Corp, thanks to the documentation we will provide.

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Carbon Neutrality