Neutral Event: make your event carbon neutral

Offer an environmentally sustainable experience with Neutral Event: offset the CO₂ emissions produced by your event and protect the planet.
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Neutral Event

Thrill through sustainability! With Neutral Event calculate the impact of your event and involve participants in offsetting emissions.

How it works

Calculate the environmental impact of your event, choose the best strategy to reduce and offset the CO₂ emissions produced, and communicate the initiative to participants.

We calculate and reduce

Up2You's technical team helps you calculate the CO₂ emissions produced by your event and provides you with a detailed report of your impact. Having done this, we propose interventions to reduce them.

We offset

Once you have calculated emissions and implemented reduction actions, you can proceed with offsetting non-reducible emissions by supporting certified projects with the sole purpose of capturing or not emittingCO2.

your participants

Let the people attending your event choose which project to support! Up2You provides you with codes to give away to participants.

Involve participants directly

Have you calculated the emissions produced by your event and selected the projects through which to offset them? Your event is now carbon neutral!

But let the people attending your event choose which project to support - you will surprise them by making them feel an active part of your sustainable initiative.

Up2You provides you with customizable tickets to distribute to attendees. To use them, they can choose from two ways:
- scan the QR code that will take them to the site where they can enter the code
- type in the link on the browser and enter the code.

In this way you give those who will be present the opportunity to generate a positive impact on the planet.
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How compensation occurs

Through the Verified Carbon Standard certified project system you neutralise the CO₂ produced by your event.

Up2You relies on the best international quality standard

Neutralise your emissions with internationally certified Verified Carbon Standard environmental projects designed to capture CO₂.
All information about your commitment to CO₂ neutralization is certified on blockchain and transparently collected on Registry, Up2You's public registry.
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Sustainable Neutral Events - Green Web Page
All the environmental results achieved by your activity summarised on a dedicated web page.
Sustainable Neutral Events - CO2 Emissions Counter
All the environmental results achieved by your activity summarised on a dedicated web page.
Sustainable Neutral Events - Project Map
All the environmental results achieved by your activity summarised on a dedicated web page.
Sustainable Neutral Events - Custom email signature
All the environmental results achieved by your activity summarised on a dedicated web page.
Sustainable Neutral Events - Customized Certificate
All the environmental results achieved by your activity summarised on a dedicated web page.

Why choose

Technical team
Get support from Up2You's technical team with years of experience in environmental impact analysis and carbon footprint.
Personalised Communication Kit
To share the environmental initiative of your event in the best possible way, our Design&Marketing Team has come up with a ready-to-use communication kit.
International standards
Up2You guarantees certified emission neutralisation that follows international standards: projects, developed under the Verified Carbon Standard programme, are certified, third-party audited and traceable.

Why choose
Neutral Event

Make your event unique
Reduce your impact on the planet
Thrill through sustainability

They chose Neutral Event

Testimonial Image

For the 10-year anniversary of the Technology Forum, we decided to invest in the sustainability of the event together with Up2You to give a strong signal to our community of the commitment and need to move from 'saying' to 'doing'. Thanks to U2Y we were able to offset the emissions of an event that was attended by hundreds of people both in attendance and connected from all over the world and to raise awareness on these issues.

Federico Jarach

Digital Evangelist
Testimonial Image

Thanks to Up2You, we managed to create an innovative event with a concrete and direct impact on the territory!

Martina Lucrezia Pellegatti

Sustainability Manager

Successful houses

TEDxCortina: the first Italian Carbon Neutral TEDx event
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Compensate emissions
with the power of blockchain

Registry, offset your emissions with the power of blockchain
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Get an NFT for each environmental project

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Choose data transparency against the risk of green washing

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Share your commitment through the public register

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Who is Up2You?
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Up2You is a start-up company that helps companies reduce their environmental impact and neutralise CO₂ emissions in response to the challenge of the millennium: tackling climate change. To this end, it offers cross-sectoral services for all types of business that want to make a commitment to environmental protection: starting with calculating the environmental impact and then choosing the best project to neutralise CO₂ emissions produced by work activities.

Why should I make my event Carbon Neutral?
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Organising and running an event has an impact in terms of CO₂ emissions. Making it Carbon Neutral means taking responsibility for your own environmental impact and contributing to the protection of the planet.

In addition, the events industry is increasingly looking for unique experiences for participants and environmental sustainability is a topic that is increasingly meeting with public interest. Up2You offers you the possibility to actively involve the participants in your event by giving them the opportunity to choose the international project to support in order to neutralise the impact of the event.

How do you calculate the impact of my event?
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Up2You's technical team has many years of experience in the field of impact analysis and Carbon Footprint: using international standards for the calculation of CO₂ emissions as a reference, we will guide you through the calculation process.

How do you neutralise CO₂?
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Up2You neutralises CO₂ by supporting nature-based and technology-based Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) projects, i.e. internationally certified environmental protection projects with the sole objective of capturing or not emitting CO₂ into the atmosphere. Up2You has decided to use this solution because it meets the two fundamental criteria for a project to be considered Carbon Neutral: the additionality criterion and the calculation of CO₂ captured or reduced on an annual basis.

Additionality criterion: the project is designed with the sole purpose of capturing and/or reducing CO₂, which is additional to what would normally occur. This ensures that the objective of the project is exclusively the capture of CO₂ and that all funding resources are invested for this sole purpose, while strictly avoiding the project becoming an ancillary activity to the main activity.

Calculation of captured or reduced CO₂ on an annual basis
: emissions are calculated on the basis of the CO₂ actually reduced or captured in the current year. It is extremely important to capture CO₂ emitted today, and not in subsequent years: by supporting certified projects, Up2You ensure that neutralised emissions relate to CO₂ that has already been captured.

How can you assure me that the compensation is real?
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Environmental projects developed under the Verified Carbon Standard programme are certified, third-party audited and traceable. To be certified, they follow a rigorous assessment process, meet the additionality criterion and cover a wide range of sectors, including forest and ecosystem conservation, renewable energy, forestry and others. Verra, the international body that develops and manages carbon credits (the unit of measurement used for neutralisation), keeps a public register with the names of companies that have redeemed credits and thus supported certified environmental protection projects.

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