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PlaNet is your corporate green engagement platform

Gamification, quizzes and green missions to promote an ethical and responsible corporate culture, encourage caring for the environment and working together to achieve common goals.
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Engage, challenge, reward

For the success of your business strategy, sustainability and team spirit are critical. PlaNet is the solution for engaging the team and promoting a sustainable corporate culture. The awards are certified projects, a novel way to do good for your closest community, employees and stakeholders, while compensating for your corporate actions.
Employee engagement and sustainable team building

How it works

With PlaNet, you can actively engage with green quizzes and missions, train on important sustainability issues, and create a positive and collaborative work environment. The result will be a motivated team and a positive corporate image.

Go on green missions

Employee engagement and sustainable team building
Invite colleagues to take small sustainable actions and answer engaging quizzes on environmental issues. Simple gestures make sustainability a concept within everyone's reach.
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Variety of topics: food, technology, mobility, etc.
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Variety of missions: photos, quizzes, open-response, etc.
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Moderation with variable difficulty
Employee engagement and sustainable team building

The power of gamification

Employee engagement and sustainable team building
PlaNet uses gamification to engage, motivate and entertain the team. Participants find individual and group missions on the platform to challenge themselves, earn points and climb the leaderboard.
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Individual and group ranking
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Points challenges
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Employee engagement and sustainable team building

Rewards commitment

Employee engagement and sustainable team building
Your team has taken on sustainable challenges: reward them! Each mission accomplished in fact corresponds to a score. Participants can use the points earned to receive prizes by selecting them directly from the online shop.
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Support sustainable projects
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Products from ecological partners
Employee engagement and sustainable team building
Ranking by PlaNet companies.

Want to challenge other companies?

Discover PlaNet Green Cup: the great sustainability-themed competition that gives you the opportunity to participate in green quizzes and missions against other companies. During the 5-week competition you will have the opportunity to test your team's sustainable knowledge and skills, but also to discover new solutions to improve everyday life. PlaNet Green Cup is not just a competition, it is also an opportunity to network with other companies that share your passion for sustainability.
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Start your journey now

Sustainable team building: we design customized pathways for environmental sustainability to provide a tailored experience for your team.
Choose the one that's right for you.
The standard route
A pathway already tested and optimized to create the highest level of engagement, but with the ability to customize it according to business needs.
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1-4 months duration
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Macro-topics of your choice
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SDG-based missions
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Your tailor-made path
If you have special requests or needs related to your business or industry, our team is at your complete disposal to create the best customized plan for your branded PlaNet platform.
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But why choose

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Your company can customize the design of the PlaNet platform, making it unique from logo to layout color.
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Content moderation

The Up2You team moderates the missions by checking their eligibility and assigning points to each participant.
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We help your company engage and transform employees into sustainability ambassadors by training and entertaining.
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We help your company achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by engaging the team with specific missions.
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Once the experience on PlaNet is over, your company receives a report indicating the results achieved by the entire team.
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The opinion of those who participated

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reports an increase or consolidation of its commitment to sustainability.
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claims to know today what SDGs, carbon credits and carbon neutrality are.
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recognizes an improvement in their own knowledge on sustainable issues.
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is satisfied with the new knowledge gained from PlaNet.
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recommends it to promote staff green awareness and engagement.


Who is Up2You?
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Up2You is a start-up company that helps companies reduce their environmental impact and neutralise CO₂ emissions in response to the millennium challenge of climate change. This is why it offers cross-sector services for all types of business that want to commit to environmental protection.

Can I customise the route for my employees?
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Yes, Up2You has developed a standard pathway that tries to cover in a comprehensive way different thematic areas related to environmental sustainability. If your company has particular needs, you can design a customised path together with our team. Get in touch with us, our team will be happy to respond to your business needs.

What are the rewards of Up2You?
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The PlaNet platform provides different types of rewards:

Up2YouRewards Up2You provides its own solutions to engage your company's employees. Among the available options you can find, for example, a Carbon Neutral year, a zero emission trip, zero emission call...

Rewards from our partners Up2You uses a network of sustainable partners who provide their products and services, such as solid and organic personal care products.

I already have an internal award system. Can I integrate it?
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No, it is not possible to integrate it, but the programmes can run in parallel. PlaNet is a specific solution for rewarding sustainable behaviour: it is important to keep the focus on one theme in order to convey the message more clearly.

I already have an employee platform. Can I integrate PlaNet?
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PlaNet does not require any integration or application downloads and works on any browser, so simply place a link within your employee portal for easy access by all.

How do employees get points?
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A number of points is associated with each mission. When the mission is completed and approved, the employee receives points to spend in the shop.

Do I have to manage the platform?
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No, Up2You has a team dedicated to moderating the content of your platform.

What happens at the end of the course?
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Up2You will provide you with a report with the results of the path your company has taken.

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