Up2You Certifications: Carbon Footprint, Net-Zero and Carbon Neutrality

Up2You Certified

We have put together a guide to help you communicate your Up2You certifications. 

Why Up2You certifications help your business

The Climate Journey is a long journey to be valued at every step
Even if you are at the beginning of the journey, you can communicate your climate commitment to customers and partners and get the right recognition.

Up2You's certifications tell exactly where you are, avoiding the risk of greenwashing and enhancing every step towards Carbon Neutrality.
Up2You Certified increases your brand reputation
Thanks to the certifications, your customers recognise Up2You and know that your commitment is concrete, valid and scientifically correct.

We want to create a virtuous circle: the more companies spread the certifications, the more people recognise them and the more authority Up2You Certified transfers to companies.

For this reason, only companies that undertake the Climate Journey with Up2You are allowed to use the certifications.
Up2You Certified gives you a competitive advantage
28% of Italians surveyed for the 7th National Observatory on Sustainable Lifestyle are willing to pay more to buy a product with sustainability certification.

Certification in the right place can make the difference in being preferred over the competition.

How to obtain certifications

Up2You has designed a certification for each important milestone.

Find out what they are and what to do to get them.
Carbon Footprint Calculation
Estimated Carbon Footprint
Calculate your company's carbon footprint with Up2You's carbon footprint calculator. The more details you provide, the more accurate the estimate will be. At the end of the calculation, you will receive a detailed report and certification from Up2You. Calculate your carbon footprint
Verified Carbon Footprint
Have you already calculated your carbon footprint yourself or with another supplier?
Up2You reviews the estimate, provides an advanced report and validates the result by issuing the certification.
Product Carbon Footprint
Contact us to calculate the carbon footprint of your product and obtain this certification.
Net Zero strategy
Committed to Net Zero
Following the calculation of your environmental impact, you have identified a strategy with Up2You to reduce and offset your emissions in the long term.
Carbon Neutrality
Carbon Neutral Company
You have offset 100 percent of direct (Purpose 1) and indirect (Purpose 2) corporate emissions.
Carbon Neutral Event
You have reduced the emissions of your event to zero and can communicate this with Up2You Certified.
Carbon Neutral
Any type of activity you have made carbon neutral with Up2You can be enhanced by this certification: a webinar, a site, and more.
Carbon Credits in NFT
CO2 Blockchain Certified
The certification states that your carbon credits are registered on Up2You's 'Registry' blockchain.
Contact us to obtain certifications
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Where to publish your certifications

You can include certifications at any strategic point in your communication plan.

Just to give you an idea:
- On product labels and tags
- On the company website: in the footer, product sheets, sustainability sections
- On all communication channels: footer and email signature, letter head
- In your promotional campaigns: videos, banners, gadgets, posters...

How to submit your certifications

Here are some simple guidelines to follow when publishing a certification.

Whenever our certifications are improperly deformed, an Up2You designer suffers.
Do not change the colours
Do not compromise readability
Do not use transparency
Do not distort certification
Do not rotate certification
Do not modify the structure