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With Registry, the neutralisation of your CO₂ emissions has never been so safe and transparent.
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Simple, safe and transparent.

All information on the CO₂ removed from the atmosphere by your company in a single public register.


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How Registry works

Buy Carbon Credits through our services
We neutralise your emissions through internationally certified environmental projects.
Certify your credits via NFT
For each credit purchased we generate an NFT containing all important information, such as the amount of CO₂ neutralised and the environmental project to which it is linked.
Make your commitment public with Registry
We add the NFTs associated with your company on Registry for maximum transparency.

Unlock the super power of the Blockchain

By choosing Up2You's services for the neutralisation of your emissions, you will have the power of the Blockchain at your disposal, providing transparency and security to your data.

The only Carbon Credits
to be certified on Blockchain

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The Blockchain is public by definition. Your impact will be accessible by everyone.


Your data is safe and with certified ownership.


Not the usual boring logbook. We have made the information that is important to you simple and clear.

Registry is Carbon Neutral.
That is, zero net emissions.

We use an extremely efficient blockchain and neutralise all emissions generated in the creation of NFTs.


Who is Up2You?
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Up2You helps companies to reduce their environmental impact and neutralise CO₂ emissions in order to meet the millennium challenge of tackling climate change. Up2You offers a wide range of services for every type of business that wants to commit to environmental protection: from calculating environmental impact to neutralising emissions and employee engagement.

What does it mean to neutralise CO₂?
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Neutralising CO₂ emissions is part of the pathway to achieving carbon neutrality. Every company emits emissions into the atmosphere, even if it pays attention to its consumption.

Neutralisation therefore means offsetting these non-reducible emissions by purchasing carbon credits (1 credit = 1 tonne of CO₂) from internationally certified environmental projects with the sole objective of capturing or not emitting CO₂ into the atmosphere. We can imagine this process as a balance: on the one hand there are the CO₂ emissions emitted by your business, on the other hand the emissions captured by the environmental project and associated with your company. In this way, the balance of emissions will be zero.

Thanks to the Blockchain and Registry by Up2You. This fundamental process is even more secure and transparent.

What are carbon credits?
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A carbon credit or carbon credit is a certified, official and transparent instrument that attests to the capture or non-emission of CO₂ through environmental protection projects established for the sole purpose of neutralizing or reducing CO₂ emissions. Each carbon credit corresponds to 1 ton of CO₂.

Want to learn more about carbon credits? Find out more in our Blog article: Carbon neutrality: carbon credits, what are they?

What is the Blockchain?
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Blockchain is an innovative technology that allows digital information (defined as blocks) to be stored securely and totally transparently through a decentralized computer system. You can imagine it as a public and "immutable" ledger that offers certainty and assurance of the information entered.

Up2You leverages this technology to certify the Carbon Credits associated with your company for CO₂ neutralization. By going to enter the data regarding your credits within the Blockchain "registry" you are guaranteed maximum security and transparency of the neutralization operation.

What are NFTs?
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NFTs are 'digital certificates' issued through blockchain technology. Each NFT has the characteristic of being unique, like a digital brand that guarantees its authenticity and uniqueness.
This allows us to provide companies that choose to reduce their emissions with maximum transparency, traceability and uniqueness on the sustainable projects they support.

For every tonne of CO₂ removed from the atmosphere, the company will have a unique reference that credits it with this environmental benefit and provides it with full traceability, such as which sustainable project captured that CO₂, the location of the project and the international certification standard.

What is Registry?
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Registry is Up2You's public registry designed to make information about the tonnes of CO₂ removed from the atmosphere and associated with your company simple and accessible to everyone. By opening the page dedicated to your NFT, you can find an interactive map and the data on the environmental project supported, the technical information issued by the certifying body of the project and the ownership of your NFT.

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