Working in Up2You

Working at Up2You means being part of a bigger project every day: saving the Planet.
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Our culture

Flexibility as a way of working

For us, flexibility is not a benefit but a way of living and interpreting work and everyday life. We want to give everyone the opportunity to express their value by managing work independently.

Transparency as a founding principle

We are committed to making communication always transparent and sharing information about Up2You at all levels of the company.

Responsibility as a personal value

We want each person to be free to express his or her value and be empowered to achieve team and company goals.

Trust as an opportunity for growth

We know we are surrounded by real talent, so we love confrontation at all levels and use it to make the best possible decision.

The rituals that will accompany you

Team building

Once a year we organize a team building day to have fun, team up and also to stimulate some healthy competition.

Internal training

We hold internal training sessions to share our skills and strengths with the whole team.


Every 45 days or so, we meet to share updates and news and have happy hour all together passionately.

Team retreat

Once a year we organize a beautiful (and highly anticipated) multi-day team retreat for the entire Up2You team.

Sustainability training

We offer in-house training held by our sustainability team so that everyone in the company can make a positive impact on the planet.

Christmas party

Every year we celebrate Christmas together, using the occasion to take stock of the past year and have fun together.

The benefits that Up2You guarantees

Bonus mobility
Come to the office with no worries: we will help you cover part of the transportation costs.
Work from anywhere
You have the opportunity to work wherever you want: office, home or in that very nice farmhouse with a pool that you've been eyeing on Airbnb.
Service of psychotherapy
We offer professional support through our partner, the online psychotherapy service Unobravo.
Referral bonus
Help us find the best talent to join our team and we will reward you with a bonus.
Timetable flexible
We work to achieve goals, not to meet a fixed schedule. You can decide when to work and when to take off.
Vacations and leave unlimited
We want you to be happy, so we have created a system of unlimited vacation and leave. Take the time you need!
Coupons meal
Whether you want a meal at the office or to save money on groceries, our food stamps have you covered.
Stock option
Not only will you be part of our team, but you can also become a member of Up2You and share the successes with us.

Selection pathway

We are looking for motivated and talented individuals and are committed to providing an enjoyable and comfortable recruiting experience.
It may seem obvious, but the first step in the selection process is really the application. We've tried to streamline it as much as possible, so you'll see that we'll ask you to enter only the basic information.
First feedback
Then comes the time to evaluate the applications and decide who to take to the next step: the only certainty is that everyone will receive feedback, whether positive or negative.
Video interview
The video interview is a tool through which we are able to consider more candidates than if we go directly to the interview. But don't worry, it will be a friendly and informal experience.
P&C interview
We invite those who pass the video interview to participate in an interview with the People & Culture team. The goal is to figure out if you are the right candidate for the company and the role and to give you all the information about the company and the team.
Technical interview
With the technical interview you will be able to get to know the person managing the team for which you have applied. This stage may generate concerns, but again the environment will be quite informal and the goal is to deepen your technical skills with respect to the role.
Technical evidence
For some positions there is also a practical technical test, which can be live or delayed depending on the type of test. Either way, you will still be given sufficient time to take it, and we remain available for questions and clarification.

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