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Spring 2024 EDITION

PlaNet Green Cup

Build your team and access the challenge between companies on sustainability

What is PlaNet Green Cup

The 5-week sustainability-themed challenge with which you can motivate and involve your team. An opportunity to do team building differently thanks to an easy and inclusive gamification platform.
Build your team and compete against other companies mission after mission: through quizzes, photos and videos, your company can earn a place on the sustainability podium!

How does the challenge work

The challenge program

Ends on April 5
Team enrollment
Companies can enroll one or more teams
April 15
Start of the challenge
Teams and people compete mission after mission on the PlaNet Green Cup platform
May 21
End of the challenge
The game ends and the ranking is obscured. Who will have earned the podium?
June 6
Final event
At the final event, the final ranking is unveiled with an unmissable award ceremony.

Awards of this edition

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Pulizia spiagge Green Cup
A unique experience of cleaning the seas, collecting plastic in kayaks on the Ligurian coast
A personalized steel bottle, against plastic waste!
Pulizia mari premio Green Cup
Redemption of 30 kg of plastic, supporting fishermen who clean up the waters of the seas
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The prizes of this edition

Beach clean up
Beach clean up
A fun and educational experience that the Green Cup winning team will be able to enjoy on the beach of Recco, in Liguria. Right here, the team will be accompanied by a marine biologist in the collection of waste, analyzing and understanding the impact that this waste can bring to the marine ecosystem, and more.
In collaboration with Ogyre
Escape room DE&I
A team building with the theme Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that involves and raises awareness thanks to a fun and challenging experience. To leave the room, the team will have to collaborate, solve puzzles and free themselves from biases and prejudices that have a negative impact on everyday life, both personal and professional.
In collaboration with GoodPoint
Dinner in Galera
A reserved table in the first and only restaurant in Italy built in prison, managed by the cooperative where Bollate's inmates work, followed by a professional chef and maître. An award designed to raise awareness of the importance of rehabilitation, bringing people closer to this delicate and important topic.
In collaboration with GoodPoint

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1,579€ + VAT

979€ + VAT

per team, each company can enroll 1 or more teams
✓ access to the gaming platform
✓ kit to communicate the initiative
✓ participation gadget
✓ live award event

1,579€ + VAT

1,279€ + VAT

per team, each company can enroll 1 or more teams
✓ access to the gaming platform
✓ kit to communicate the initiative
✓ participation gadget
✓ live award event

1,579€ + VAT

price per team of max 10 people
✓ access to the gaming platform
✓ kit to communicate the initiative
✓ participation gadget
✓ live award event
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If you haven't decided yet, maybe you're thinking:
How does it work?

Once your team is registered, you will receive a communication package that will serve to present the initiative to the team of people you have decided to involve.
Users then have access to the platform for the duration of the challenge (5 weeks), during which they can complete the challenges and missions that concern sustainability issues, even in collaboration with each other!

The goal is to complete as many missions as possible to earn:
- PlaNet Point: points with which to climb the ranking and beat the other teams
- eCoin: coins with which to support concrete projects certified for CO2 compensation.

News and practical suggestions are also shared on the platform, useful for training on topics such as environmental impact, digital emissions, circular economy, nutrition, inclusion and much more.

How long is the race?

The challenge is designed over 5 weeks but the commitment of the users is very little! The activity is designed to be fast and fun, transforming training into something that doesn't require hours for your talents!

What are the awards and projects?

Each completed mission corresponds to points that can be used to support sustainable projects certified for CO2 compensation. Discover them hither.

For the winning teams and the individual winners of the individual classification, there are also additional prizes that vary from edition to edition and make the challenge even more fierce! These may include: a carbon neutral year, the carbon neutral car and a carbon neutral trip or the carbon neutral LinkedIn profile (we will offset your emissions for an entire year!)

Do I have to manage the platform myself?

No, you won't have to worry about anything. We at Up2You have a dedicated team that will be responsible for moderating content, approving challenges and sharing informational content.
Furthermore, at the end of the course, we will calculate the scores to declare the official ranking.
We will also provide you with an end-of-race report where you can have visibility of interesting data about your team: engagement rate, favorite missions and CO2 Saved are just some of the data that you can then use in your sustainability report.

Do I need to download an app?

PlaNet is a web app, so there is no need to install an application. Users will be able to conveniently access the search engine they prefer from a PC or smartphone.
In this way, the privacy of your employees is guaranteed and user data remains safe.

Give a new face to team building and improve sustainability training with an experience not to be missed

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