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PlaNet Green Cup


April 18-May 23

Environmental sustainability is a team effort
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WHAT is planet green cup
PlaNet Green Cup is a digital platform aimed at employee engagement and education on sustainability issues. Employee engagement and education in one platform. In the PlaNet Green Cup you will be up against other companies, who like you want to win and gain visibility. Sign up your team and compete in quizzes and sustainable missions, proving that you are the most eco-friendly company! The missions will be on the most important topics in sustainability: sustainable development goals, responsible consumption, food waste, sustainable mobility and more.

Duration? Five weeks, with a weekly commitment of a few hours.

Who will participate in this edition

How it works

Participate in green missions

Practice small sustainable actions with your colleagues and take quizzes on environmental issues-small gestures make sustainability within everyone's reach.

Unite your work team

The Green Cup motivates, engages and entertains through gamification: to do better than other companies, earn points and thus reach the top of the leaderboard.

Rewards involvement

Earn points for each action completed: each participant can use them to redeem prizes, choosing directly from the online store.

Get on the sustainability podium

Demonstrate the green spirit of your business: reach the podium and gain visibility by becoming the most eco-friendly company in the Green Cup.

How much does it cost to participate

You don't have to have a stellar budget to bring sustainability to your company! Win the most sustainable company award.
Until the

1200€ + vat

980€ + vat

Per team, each company can register 1 or more teams
Until the

1200€ + vat

1080€ + vat

Per team, each company can register 1 or more teams
Participate with your work team and challenge other companies in a race of engagement and education, toward environmental sustainability.

6 good reasons to participate

Associate your company with sustainability in a serious, yet simple way.
Provide training to employees, on issues related to environmental sustainability.
Doing quality team building and corporate engagement.
Improve the company loyalty of the work team from the very beginning.
Differentiate your company from direct competitors.
Enhance the ability to attract new talent.

What you get by participating

Reduce emissions caused in the office.

Create a large corporate network.

Give your company new visibility.

Receive awards in sustainability: such asCO2 capture projects.

You have fun together with your colleagues.

You can count on the constant support of the Up2You team.

Nine out of 10 employees say they are more satisfied and happy when involved in sustainability-related initiatives in the office.
Comparing with my colleagues in trying to best adhere to the missions has given us a deep sense of community and improved our results.
Mark B.
I loved the project and would have liked it to last even longer!
Elizabeth F.
In my team I knew only a few colleagues. It was fun to get to know others and compare notes to tackle challenges creatively
Marianne C.
The format is very fresh and dynamic, and the gamification mode is very engaging.
Alfredo R.
green cup 2022

Last edition in numbers

Participating companies
Registered Users
Overall engagement
Kg of CO₂ saved by all companies.
Kg of CO₂ offset by all companies.
Participating in Up2You's PlaNet Green Cup increased our people's awareness of sustainability issues. People felt motivated to act as a group and were able to understand how small everyday gestures can make a difference. Thanks to this challenge, we were able to bring to all our locations the book crossing initiative that we were only experimenting with at the Milan location!
Valentina Giorgio
Innovation Specialist at NTT Data
In our experience, a corporate strategy to reduce environmental impacts is successful when the people involved are put in a position to understand the importance and urgency of the challenge on both a professional and personal level. The value of PlaNet Green Cup lies in its ability to engage people by demonstrating that it is possible to be part of change by starting with oneself and working up to engaging those around us and the organizations of which we are a part.
Nicholas Small
Nativa's Evolution Guide & Climate Champion
Enthusiastic about the instructive and engaging path taken a few months ago with Up2You, we wanted to try our hand at the Planet Green Cup project and thus form a group of "sustainability ambassadors" in the company. Once again u2y has been able to surprise us with new insights that help us pursue the challenge to respect the planet by riding the "green wave" like experienced surfers.
Alexander Dipace
Agos Specialist Innovation Lab
By joining the green Cup Alumat project, it has allowed me to learn more about topics I was aware of but had never addressed in such detail.Thisinitiative has allowed me and my colleagues to discuss environmental issues that can help us first and foremost but the entire planet if put into practice by everyone in their own smallway.Incompleting the daily "missions," we shared interesting opinions and ideas that we never imagined we would face in the workplace.Thisinitiative has made me grow in responsibility to the planet exponentially, and I hope that many more people can join in the future so that we can increase more and more energy conservation and environmental sustainability
Mirko Mariani
Technical Back-Office Manager R&D
Participating in the Planet Green Cup was really important for our team. It represented a moment of complicity and networking, but also of increased awareness of the value of the actions we take every day, even without thinking. It was an opportunity to get to know other companies and discuss the impact, not only environmental, of our routines. We found in the Up2You guys an enthusiastic and always available reference, really motivators. The challenges were interesting and engaging, bringing out a healthy sense of competition for which we still smile among colleagues. Sustainability is a team game then? Yes, we will prove it again next year.
Federica Pacilio
Head of BU Digital Marketing at Tecno

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