The environmental strategy
tailored to your company

We make your company a protagonist in the fight against climate change, providing you with cutting-edge solutions and technologies.

What we can help you do

We offer tailor-made solutions for your company. Let's define your path together and help you achieve your sustainability goals.

Carbon footprint calculation

We support your company in Calculation of CO emissions2. We simplify the data collection process and provide you with a result aligned with the GHG Protocol standards.
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Reduction of emissions

Let us help you define your decarbonization path. Let's define together the most suitable reduction plan, taking advantage of the reduction actions already undertaken by the company.
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People engagement

We involve and we train your staff on environmental sustainability issues. We improve your company's sustainability performance thanks to our digital products and gamification.
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Budget and communication

We support you in drafting the sustainability report and on the path to obtaining the certifications that interest you. We'll help you to Communicate the commitment of your company in a clear and transparent way.
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Where are you with your environmental strategy?

Find out how your company is positioned and get personalized advice to improve its environmental impact.

Our method

We analyze the needs of your company and offer you a personalized and modular sustainability path. We support you in all phases, from data collection to communication of results.
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The advantages of sustainability for your business

Undertaking a path of environmental sustainability creates a competitive advantage for your business. Here's why:
Improve brand reputation
Environmental sustainability is sought after by consumers and companies, and it makes the difference when buying or selecting partners.
Attract funding
The environmental impact is now a reference criterion for banks and financial institutions that must choose the realities in which to invest.
Get an advantage in calls and tenders
The demonstrated commitment to environmental sustainability allows you to obtain additional requirements to participate in calls and tenders.
Attract talent
Several studies state that corporate commitment to sustainability issues leads staff to feel more involved and motivated at work*
*It's. Deloitte, 'The Conscious Citizen', 2023
Anticipate change
Environmental regulations play an increasingly central role, as do forms of taxation that penalize those who do not adapt.
Do you qualify as a supplier
More and more companies are setting themselves the goal of measuring and reducing their emissions, also imposing requirements on their suppliers.

Why choose Up2You

The success of Up2You stems from the combination of a team with extensive experience in the field of sustainability and innovative digital products.

The success stories of the companies that have chosen Up2You

Achieved results

Some numbers that demonstrate our impact
Satisfied customers
People involved
1.2M tons
CO2 managed*
*Includes tons of CO2 calculated, reduced or compensated
Join the 450+ companies that are taking action against climate change