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Our impact so far, with more than 20,000 people involved.
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Certified environmental projects

Certified projects, making a big impact

We offsetCO2 by supporting nature-based and technology-based projects, i.e., internationally certified projects with the sole objective of capturing or not emittingCO2 into the atmosphere.
Forest protection
Protecting and preserving forests plays a key role in offsettingCO2, as they are the main players inCO2 capture. These projects work to protect forests, woodlands and natural parks in different parts of the world that, without our help, are at risk of serious damage.
Renewable energy
Supporting renewable energy projects means encouraging the use of clean energy, enabling the reduction ofCO2 emissions into the atmosphere. In addition to avoiding the leakage of thousands of tons ofCO2 caused by fossil fuels, the use of renewable energy sources improves air quality and the health of green areas.
Blue carbon
Blue carbon is carbon stored in coastal and marine ecosystems.
Blue carbon projects, therefore, consist of reforestation of mangrove forests, one of the main coastal biomes, which can store carbon and remove it from the atmosphere.
Reforestation and reforestation projects focus on planting trees with the aim of regenerating forests that are destroyed by logging, fire or conversion to pasture and farmland.
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Solar stoves
These projects aim to efficiently replace the use of coal with solar energy by using solar stoves (solar stoves), thereby avoiding the emission ofCO2, which would otherwise be generated by coal consumption.

Our goals

Carbon neutral

We have been carbon neutral since our founding: that is, we have embarked on a path of calculating, reducing and offsetting our emissions, and have joined the network of B Corp. certified companies.
Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable development

We also contribute to the achievement of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda by going beyond reducing emissions with activities that benefit local communities and biodiversity.

How to start generating a positive impact

Carbon neutrality

Make your company carbon neutral with Neutral Company, the simple and effective solution to start on the path to environmental sustainability

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Training + engagement

Engage employees with green actions: with PlaNet, challenge your colleagues with green quizzes and missions, on a corporate path toward environmental sustainability

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Sustainability Report

Our sustainability report

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