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Create a positive work environment, train and guide your company toward a sustainable present through interactive pathways and experiences.
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Why educating about sustainability in business is important

By empowering and involving staff in training, the company can make sustainability goals a shared, cross-cutting theme.

Bringing sustainability into the enterprise

Creating engagement

Making environmental sustainability training challenging means actively engaging staff, motivating them to work together to achieve common goals.

Improving retention

A positive corporate identity attracts and retains talent. By finding affinity of values, staff are more likely to actively participate in the life and success of the company.

Generating positive impact

Generating positive impact

Adopting sustainable behaviors at all levels of the organization has a concrete and lasting result in the company and on the environment.

Developing corporate values

Developing corporate values

Doing sustainability training allows you to better communicate your sustainability report both internally and externally, improving brand perception.

Why invest in sustainability training

Involve staff

Improves corporate employee engagement through an engaging and interactive learning experience, enabling staff to experience training and team building with greater motivation.

Taking advantage of simple and effective solutions

Up2You provides you with a proprietary platform to train on sustainability in business. Through customized missions, PlaNet enables you to improve knowledge and awareness on social issues, environmental sustainability and inclusiveness, leading to concrete results.

Valuing your commitment

By evaluating engagement and calculating outcomes, you can assess the return on your investment in internal training and communicate your commitment to sustainability to your stakeholders.

Transform your training strategy

With PlaNet, sustainability becomes an educational and engaging team game.
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Everything you need, in one platform

Doing sustainability training has never been easier, more innovative and effective.

Missions, news and tips

Through gamification, participants will feel engaged and the desire to win will take them to the sustainability podium. The content enhances the educational experience, making it fun and motivating: choose the themes of the challenges and make the competition a valuable learning moment.

Certified projects

By completing missions, people will be able to concretely reduce your company's emissions by supporting certified emissions offset projects.

Possibility of customization

The platform will follow the corporate brand identity. Language, colors and logos, challenges and themes covered you choose them to make the challenge fit your needs and achieve your company's goals.

Communication kit

Present the initiative easily to staff and stakeholders through a customized package of communication materials. Kicking off the challenge and rewarding winners are important steps you can enhance.

Monitoring Dashboard

Keep track of mission participation rates and the amount ofCO2 saved with an interactive dashboard with valuable insights into participant engagement.

Privacy and Security

Protect personnel data. PlaNet is a web app that can be accessed and used online from the Internet or corporate intranet: privacy is guaranteed and user data remains safe!

What companies that have chosen our solution are saying

enercom logo
"Planet is a truly user friendly product. On the one hand, engaging people through a Challenge always works, and on the other hand, the various missions proposed help to stay focused on the real goal, which is to nurture the culture of sustainability.Individual, company and team rankings are a constant stimulus to do better and better, and the possibility of purchasing prizes such asCO2 offsets, or reforestation of certain areas helps to give substance to the commitment. Certificates of redeemed prizes then remain as a reminder of how much good we have managed to do!"
Marco Cimelli
HR Manager Enercom Group
Agos ducato logo
"If you are looking for a valuable Partner to inform, engage and raise awareness of sustainable issues for our Planet, you are in the right place. In Up2You we met a Team that with expertise, passion and dedication supported us in moving from idea to action and, with the support of the PlaNet platform, allowed us to launch GreenSUIte a challenge that involved 4 Corporate and one University, over 650 people, in missions aimed at demonstrating how changing daily habits can make a difference."
Paul Perlangeli
Head of Innovation LAB
of Agos
Atlantic technologies logo
We chose to participate because we wanted to create a habit in our employees and colleagues by doing team-building activities to achieve concrete changes. And we thought PlaNet was the most appropriate project to meet this need of ours, and it did! Through this experience we really see the difference in the company: in the break room people talk about the missions and new habits they have brought into their lives after this project. At the end of the competition there is definitely awareness, new habits and team spirit left, outside and inside the office.
Sara Carollo
HR of Atlantic
Tea Group
"In the wake of current Open Innovation initiatives, the experience with Up2You was simply effective and successful. Alessandro & Co. were immediately proactive in tailoring the PlaNet platform to trigger a challenge."
Luca Pellegrini
GIS Technician and Environmental Scientist
of Tea Group.

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You may be wondering:

How does the platform work?

When the company signs up for PlaNet, access to the platform is provided for staff for the duration of the training. This can last from 4 to 6 weeks and can be customized according to business needs.

Users then access the web app where they can form teams.
Along the way they can complete engaging missions and challenges that relate to sustainability issues. The goal is to complete as many missions as possible to earn:
- PlaNet Points: points with which to climb the leaderboard and earn sustainable rewards
- EcoIn: coins with which to support concrete projects certified forCO2 offsetting.

News and practical tips are also shared on the platform, useful for training on topics such as environmental impact, digital emissions, circular economy, nutrition, inclusion and more.

What happens at the end of the course?

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We will provide you with a report of your company's achievements and materials to help you communicate your initiative to customers, staff and stakeholders. A simple and effective way to shed light on your commitment to sustainability and differentiate yourself from competitors.

Can I include the initiative in my sustainability report?

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Yes, you can introduce the initiative within your company's sustainability report and communicate internally and externally the results achieved. Within the communication kit and final report, you will find a lot of useful information that will enable you to properly highlight and communicate how this initiative supported the achievement of your company's sustainability goals.