Compensates CO2 emissions

Offset non-reducible emissions by supporting internationally certified projects.
Offset emissions
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What does it mean to compensate?

Offset CO2 emissions means to finance actions that avoid, reduce or remove greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Companies, thanks to Up2You, can support projects that make these actions possible and generate carbon credits certified with international standards, against any danger of greenwashing.

Support compensation projects

Up2You compensation projects cover a wide range of topics. In this way, companies can choose actions that are most in line with their sustainability objectives and corporate values.


It contributes to the reforestation and protection of forests.


It values the use of technology to generate environmental benefits.


Safeguard animal and plant species.

Social Impact

It provides social as well as environmental benefits.

SDG mix

It guarantees the coverage of the sustainable development goals.

Blue carbon

It protects and develops coastal ecosystems.

Why compensate with Up2You

Certified projects
We select Verified Carbon Standard and Gold Standard certified projects.
Social impact
Many projects generate a positive impact not only from an environmental point of view, but also from a social point of view.
To ensure greater transparency and clarity, our carbon credits are certified on blockchain.
Each project was created with the objective of capturing or avoiding CO₂ and is designed to add to the existing context.

Offset emissions

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Offset emissions

Local projects, with global benefits

Safeguarding forests, plantations, oceans and renewable resources: support the sustainability project of your choice.
The results obtained by the companies that have chosen us
Digital innovation
20 employees
Full remote company specializing in Information Technology on the side of the Public Administration.
It compensated
15ton CO₂
Real estate development
66 employees
Real estate development company, active as a developer and general contractor, a protagonist of the Milanese scenario.
It compensated
315 ton CO₂
200 employees
First online group in Italy in the Health, Wellness and Beauty sector.
It compensated
361 ton CO₂

Act for the climate by supporting compensation projects

Support projects
You may be wondering:

How is CO2 compensation done?

Supporting our certified projects means making possible actions to capture or not emit CO2 in the atmosphere. For example, the Technology package projects allow the development of renewable energy in areas where fossil fuels would otherwise be used, thus avoiding the emission of large amounts of CO2. Or again, the Forest package projects, focused on reforestation, make it possible to capture CO2 thanks to the planting of trees that, without the project, would not exist. This CO2 captured or reduced, therefore, will allow you to balance the emissions produced by your company.

What are carbon credits?

Carbon credits (or carbon credits) are a tool that certifies the capture or non-emission of CO₂ through environmental protection projects, created with the sole purpose of offsetting or reducing CO₂ emissions.

Each carbon credit corresponds to one ton of CO2 compensated equivalent. As far as the value in terms of costs is concerned, within voluntary carbon markets, a fixed upstream price is not established, but this depends on the encounter between supply and demand. So, the price of a carbon credit (1 ton of CO2 eq) can vary widely, based on various factors (including: the quality of the projects that generate the credits, the type of projects, the volumes purchased, etc.).

How do I know that by investing in projects I am actually offsetting my emissions?

Simple, we are certified! Our projects for the capture or non-emission of CO2 are certified by third parties and follow the Verra and Gold Standard standards. In addition, you will have access to all the information about the CO2 subtracted from the atmosphere of your company, and on related projects.

Can I get some certification?

Absolutely yes! An important part of the climate journey is the communication of the results obtained. For this reason, we will provide you with Up2You certifications, so that your commitment to this path is certified and your customers have a quality guarantee, allowing them to opt for more sustainable products and services. But that's not all, our calculation methodology is in line with the GHG Protocol, the reference standard for carbon footprint accounting. For this reason, the result obtained can be used to undergo checks by an accredited third party, to obtain certifications such as PAS 2060 or B Corp, thanks to the documentation that we will provide you.

Will I also achieve economic results by offsetting my emissions?

As demonstrated by various studies and researches, today starting a path of environmental sustainability and in particular offsetting your business emissions can prove to be particularly advantageous for several reasons:
- attract funding more easily, since environmental impact is now a reference criterion in evaluating which company to invest in;
- attract talent to the company, increasingly interested in environmental issues, even in the search for work;
- you align yourself with the new regulations, also obtaining various tax breaks.

Perhaps I can wait for the State to impose carbon neutrality on all companies before proceeding to offset my emissions.

Of course, keep in mind though, that:

- you don't take advantage of the competitive advantage of being one of the few carbon neutral companies today. It has been demonstrated that today's customers and investors are much more sensitive to the issue of sustainability and choose companies that are pioneers in this regard;
- you can access fiscal and financial benefits that may no longer be guaranteed when carbon neutrality becomes the norm.

In short, don't wait for the change! Start enjoying the benefits now.