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B Corp

B Corp is an internationally recognized certification that guarantees the company's adherence to high standards in terms of social, environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

How do we support you?
We set up a path for reducing, monitoring and managing emissions that will improve your ESG performance, essential for certification. We support you in compiling the B Impact Assessment (BIA), valuing the activities already completed to achieve the score necessary for certification.

Science-Based Targets

SBTi is an initiative created with the aim of allowing organizations to build a path to limit heating to 1.5°C, acting in line with the latest indications of the scientific community.

How do we support you?
Let's define together a decarbonization path and accompany you in the application to SBTi, until final approval.

ISO 14064

It represents the international standard for the management of greenhouse gas emissions: it certifies that the calculation of an organization's carbon footprint took place according to the national technical standard UNI EN ISO 14064.

How do we support you?
We define a calculation strategy to understand which activities represent the main sources of impact and we support you in drafting the documentation and in the verification process.


EcoVadis manages the first collaborative platform that allows companies to monitor their sustainability performance, and those of their suppliers, in 150 sectors and 110 countries.

How do we support you?
We support you in all the activities related to climate change requested by Ecovadis, providing the data to be included in the questionnaire and defining business strategies to improve them.

Other certifications and initiatives you can obtain

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Why certify your company?

Sustainability certifications are an important tool for the growth of your business.
Winning tenders and competitions
Obtaining sustainability certifications allows you to receive a higher score in public and/or private tenders and tenders.
Improve access to finance
More and more organizations, investors and banks are attracted to companies that invest in sustainability.
Get a competitive advantage
Be among the first to adhere to the standards that only large global companies can achieve.
Consolidate positioning
Starting a sustainability journey allows you to stand out from competitors and obtain a higher positioning.
Amplify brand visibility
Consolidate your brand reputation thanks to an internationally recognized certification.
Build customer loyalty
Consumers are more sensitive to the issue of greenwashing and transparency is the basis for maintaining long-term relationships.

Why Up2You

Stress-free data collection

Data collection is the first step in obtaining these certifications. With our technologies, we make this process easier and faster.

Team support

Regardless of the certification, initiative or program, our team will easily guide you along the chosen path.

Technology and science at the base

With the use of our proprietary technologies, you achieve scientific and quality results by reducing standard execution times.

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The results obtained by the companies that have chosen us
confirmo logo
“Confirmo wants to make its customers aware of the importance of adopting sustainable behavior, of choosing to respect the environment and doing its part to reduce the impact on the planet. This is why we have chosen to calculate, in real time, and show our users the savings in trees, energy resources, waste generated and gas emitted that result from the use of our platform.”
Marco Cappellini
CEO of Confirmo srl
ao logo
“We are proud to be part of the more than 270 companies that have decided to reduce their environmental impact with Up2You and we will continue to work to further reduce our footprint. It means taking real concrete action to combat global warming, with quantifiable results that really give us a sense of the seriousness of the situation and how everyone can do their part and not only in their small way, but also in a big way.”
Francesco Piersimoni and Barbara Canducci
Owners Adrias Online
right hub logo
“We decided to rely on Up2You to achieve our carbon neutrality because we found a serious, reliable and professional contact person with whom to deal. A company that fully shares our values and our daily commitment to the sustainable management of businesses and events.”
Luca Guzzabocca
CEO & Founder of Right Hub

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You may be wondering:

How are environmental certifications obtained?

Environmental certifications are certificates that certify a company's commitment to the environment. They are issued by accredited third parties that verify that the company complies with the certification requirements.
The steps required to obtain certifications can be summarized in:
- company carbon footprint calculation;
- definition of objectives and improvement actions to be put into practice;
- implementation of requirements: training of resources;
- internal evaluation by the company;
- evaluation by the accredited body for the issuance of the certification;
- issuance of the certificate;
- maintaining and improving performance;
- annual assessment by the body for the maintenance of the certification.

What are the most requested certifications and initiatives?

Here are some of the certifications and initiatives most requested by companies: PAS 2060, Ecovadis, ISO 14064, SBTi, CDP and Un Global Compact.

What is ISO 14064 certification?

The certification of compliance with ISO 14064 certifies that the calculation of an organization's overall carbon footprint over an annual financial year took place according to the national technical standard UNI EN ISO 14064. An ISO 14064 certification path involves, in addition to the involvement of the entire business ecosystem for the collection of data and metadata, the inclusion of different partners for the processing of technical documentation and for its validation. For this reason, the ISO 14064 certification is able to meet specific regulatory requirements, but it may be less effective for communication purposes or for the initiation of strategic decarbonization paths. It is advisable to undertake this path only to companies that start with an excellent availability of data.

Who issues environmental certifications?

Environmental certifications are generally issued by accredited third parties that verify compliance with the requirements established by specific regulations.

How much does an environmental certification cost?

The cost varies depending on the certification you want to obtain or based on the initiative you want to join. Some certifications require an initial investment by the company that may vary depending on the path it decides to take. Other programs and initiatives are free of charge.

How can Up2You help you obtain certifications?

Thanks to our proprietary technologies, we set up a path for the company that allows it to align its actions in terms of reporting emissions, definition of reduction activities, compensation of non-reducible emissions and communication of its commitment, with some of the most significant global initiatives and certifications. In line with the guidelines defined by the GHG Protocol, an international standard for the measurement and management of emissions, the activities that the company carries out with Up2You are authoritative and concrete and recognized globally.