Organize a carbon neutral event

Make your event carbon neutral: whether it's a corporate event, a sporting event or an online webinar, our team and technologies are at your disposal to reduce its environmental impact and actively involve participants.

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What does it mean to organize a carbon neutral event?

A sustainable event is an event that takes measures to reduce environmental impact with actions that aim to limit CO2 emissions. Making an event carbon neutral therefore means calculating its environmental impact and defining a strategy for reducing emissions, and then compensating for those that cannot be reduced by supporting certified environmental projects.
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Reduce the impact of the event and involve those who participate

We accompany you from the early stages of designing your carbon neutral event, calculating its impact, and we help you to involve the people present to entertain them, excite them and empower them on sustainability issues.

Carbon footprint calculation

Let's calculate the CO2 emissions produced by your event and we will deliver you a result aligned with the international GHG Protocol standards.

Definition of reduction strategy

After a careful analysis, we identify areas for improvement and create a strategy to reduce the impact of your event.

Emission compensation

We compensate for the event's non-reducible emissions through internationally certified projects, which aim to capture or not emit CO2.

Participant engagement

Through our customizable cards, you directly involve participants in choosing the projects to support and in communicating your carbon neutral event.

Why make your event carbon neutral?

Amaze the people present
Let the people present at your event choose the project to support: you will surprise them, making them feel an active part of your sustainable initiative.
Generate a positive impact on the planet
When organizing an event, we often don't realize how much means of transport, lights, gadgets and other elements can negatively affect the environment.
Improve your brand reputation
Taking actions in favor of the environment, such as organizing a sustainable event, consolidates the reputation of your brand and enhances it in the eyes of customers and stakeholders.
Better access to finance
More and more investors and banks are attracted to companies that invest in sustainability.
Build customer loyalty
Consumers are increasingly attentive to environmental issues, even when it comes to purchases; for this reason, taking sustainable actions helps you to retain your customers and to obtain new ones.
Organize a carbon neutral event
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