Technologies in the service of environmental sustainability

Up2You offers you innovative solutions based on proprietary technologies that can make a difference, now.

Harness the power of Up2You technologies

A key investment for companies embracing the climate change challenge.
Discover Neutral Company, PlaNet, Neutral Event and Registry.

The platform with which you calculate, reduce and offset your business emissions

Harness the power of computation

With our calculator, validated by RINA, you get a result aligned with international GHG Protocol standards that can be verified by any certified third party.

Consolidate your commitment with the communication kit

Tell your environmental story with our communication kit. Enrich your site with custom widgets and share your journey on all channels.

Improve your sustainability performance with Neutral Company

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The solution for combiningstaff involvementandtraining

Sustainability training for practical change

PlaNet is the web app that helps you bring sustainability into your company in an easy and inclusive way. Combine news, practical tips and fun to create a positive corporate culture and make a real impact, inside and outside the company.

Interactive challenges to engage and motivate

Put a new face on team building: exciting missions and sustainability-themed quizzes will motivate your team and strengthen their bonds.

Customize the platform and achieve your business goals

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The tool to make your event more sustainable and memorable

Calculate and reduce the environmental impact of the event

Whether it's a corporate event, a sports event, or an online webinar-every event can become more sustainable. Calculate, reduce and offset the environmental impact of your event.

Involve participants

People attending the event can choose environmental projects to support, and share the action through a personalized digital certificate.

Make your event unforgettable with the help of sustainability.

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Your environmental commitment certified on Blockchain

Make your environmental commitment transparent

All information on purchased carbon credits and selected projects is tracked in Up2You's public registry.

Rely on the security of blockchain

For each carbon credit we generate an NFT, so your data is safe and with certified ownership.

Harness the power of blockchain and start your sustainability journey

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A scientific, safe and practical approach

Data protection according to GDPR regulations and Privacy Code

Tailored configuration to maximize impact

Dedicated training to address more specific challenges

Technical support always present and available

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