Delta Blue Carbon


With mangrove reforestation, protect a unique ecosystem.

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How it works

Mangroves are plants capable of capturing a high amount of CO₂ (ten times higher than a traditional tree), but at the same time they need special conditions in order to survive: in fact, they require contact with seawater and a tropical climate. A mangrove forest is able to protect the coast from storms and floods, to feed fish and animals and to make the surrounding environment free from the harmful effects of UV-B radiation.

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Protected animal species
Delfino indus
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Where does it develop?

The project is developed in Pakistan, more precisely in the coastal area of the Indus, and aims at the reforestation of the area affected over the last few decades by deforestation and degradation. Delta blue carbon covers more than 350,000 hectares and, through continuous mangrove planting, will capture 127 million tons of CO₂ per year by 2053.

The certifications

Thanks to the protection of the natural habitat of more than 130 animal species, including several at risk of extinction such as the fishing cat, the project has obtained the Verra CCB (Climate, Community and Biodiversity) certification.

The project
Delta Blue Carbon
contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


The project generates benefits for local communities, including the sustainable management of water and sanitation facilities, access to education and the ability to guarantee a source of income for people committed to the preservation and reforestation of the area.

The project in a nutshell

• CO2 capture
• Preservation of biodiversity
• Economic and social development
• Improved air and soil conditions

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