Sustainability in the World Tourism

The world of tourism is changing. Find out how Up2You can help you make your business more sustainable with innovative and certified solutions.

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More and more people want to travel green

According to the latest sustainable tourism report conducted by, which collected the opinions of more than 30,000 travelers in 32 countries and territories, 46 percent of travelers worldwide have stayed in a green facility at least once in the past year, and 78 percent intend to do so at least once in the coming year.
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Improve brand reputation
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Attracting new customers
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Gaining a competitive advantage
Sustainable tourism

The context

There is an increasing focus on climate change, and people want to help reduce their environmental impact by traveling sustainably.

The problem

What is lacking is not people's interest in more sustainable types of travel, but the limited supply of eco-friendly travel options.

The solution

For travel agencies, tour operators, and accommodations, Up2You offers some solutions that incentivize sustainability in long-term tourism.

Why invest in sustainability

If you work in the hospitality industry, you can turn travelers' strong (and growing!) interest in sustainable tourism into a competitive advantage by increasing your travel offerings and giving greater visibility to the green alternatives you propose.
people want to travel sustainable
Has stayed in a green facility in the past year
Is willing to pay more for a sustainable vacation


Up2You enables you to reduce your environmental impact. How? With digital products to calculate, reduce and offset emissions and by effectively communicating your results.
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Customized pricing
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Certified international projects
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Digital communication kit
Neutral company, make your company carbon neutral

Neutral Company

Calculate your company's Carbon Footprint and choose a strategy to become Carbon Neutral.
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Calculates CO2 emissions
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Activate the plan that's right for you
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Offsets emissions with certified projects
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Our customers

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Starting this year, the Grand Hotel Alassio Beach & Spa Resort has embarked on a wonderful collaboration with Up2You. Our hotel, strategically located in front of the beautiful Ligurian sea and surrounded by the hills of Alassio, is perfectly in line with the idea of green and sustainability promoted by Up2You. This initiative is certainly appreciated by our guests, who feel like protagonists in this green revolution. We look forward to continuing to participate in this interesting initiative!

Francesca Cerutti

Sales & Marketing Assistant
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"Finally I have positive and concrete feedback from my customers who are happy to join the project."

Stefano Giuliodori

Hotel manager - Dory Hotel & Suite