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Environmental sustainability in the pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is constantly evolving, now also from the point of view of caring for the environment: find out how to make your business sustainable.

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The green pharmaceutical industry today

Thanks to the growing interest of consumers in green issues, in recent years the pharmaceutical industry has also begun to invest in sustainable development of the sector.

In fact, as revealed by the FMCG Packaging Observatory, during 2020 as many as 33 percent of Italians have increased their consideration in making sustainable choices, while only 4 percent have decreased the importance they attach to environmental issues.

It is also common knowledge that pharmaceuticals have a large impact on the environment, so much so that the United Nations has identified pharmaceutical pollution as an emerging global priority.
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Pharmaceuticals have a big impact on the environment
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Consumer focus on sustainability is growing
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European governments are implementing sustainability goals
Sustainability in the events industry

The context

The pharmaceutical industry needs to move toward a greener environment. This is to meet current environmental regulations, but also to meet consumer preferences.

The problem

Often still today, the transition to sustainability is mistakenly perceived as a difficult process to support and implement: beneficial to the environment, but not to the company's bottom line.

The solution

With Neutral Company, Up2You offers the solution to make your business sustainable in a few simple steps. We calculate your emissions and help you reduce and offset them, and then help you better communicate your green commitment.

Why invest in sustainability

In the pharmaceutical industry, there are countless benefits associated with making your business sustainable.

First and foremost, the fact that the industry is under the magnifying glass of European governments and the United Nations for sustainability goals, but also because today sustainability represents an important opportunity to optimize and grow your business. In fact, by becoming carbon neutral, you gain more relevance in the eyes of consumers and help your brand grow.
of consumers has increased its consideration of sustainable choices in the wake of the Covid-19* pandemic
of consumers choose to buy sustainable products when sustainability is linked to other benefits such as health, safety, and quality**
Of pharmaceutical tenders in the top 5 European countries include ESG requirements**
*Source: FMCG Packaging Observatory/ ** BCG survey.


Up2You enables you to reduce your environmental impact. How? With digital products to calculate, reduce and offset emissions and by effectively communicating your results.
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Customized pricing
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Certified international projects
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Digital communication kit
Neutral company, make your company carbon neutral

Neutral Company

Calculate your company's Carbon Footprint and choose a strategy to become Carbon Neutral.
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Calculates CO2 emissions
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Activate the plan that's right for you
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Offsets emissions with certified projects
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Calculate your company's Carbon Footprint and choose a strategy to become Carbon Neutral.
Planet, team building and employee management green


Engage your employees with green challenges and missions in a corporate journey toward environmental sustainability.
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Innovative and customized platform
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Green missions based on gamification
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Employee involvement assured
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Engage your employees with green challenges and missions in a corporate journey toward environmental sustainability.
Our customers
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"As Lo.Li. Pharma we have decided to embark on our Climate Journey. Partnering with Up2You to offset carbon emissions by supporting certified projects is one of the steps in this journey, alongside concrete actions to reduce our environmental impact and raising awareness among the entire family of Lo.Li. Pharma on a more conscious use of resources."

Gaia Al Mudarris

Communication Manager