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Sustainability in HR.

The world of work is constantly evolving. Learn how Up2You can help you engage and empower your employees with environmental sustainability.

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The labor market today

With the pandemic, the world of work has changed considerably. According to the HR Observatory of the Milan Polytechnic School of Management, nearly 3 out of 4 companies have seen an increase in turnover rates. This is accompanied by a decrease in the level of engagement, which has fallen from 20 percent to 14 percent.
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Major resignation
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Need to attract and retain customers
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Decreased level of engagement
Sustainable tourism

The context

Great Resignation, decreased engagement and difficulty in attracting new talent. With the pandemic, the world of work has changed significantly.

The problem

The greatest difficulty remains the ability to succeed in motivating, engaging and retaining people already within the company. Fewer and fewer people feel included and valued within their company.

The solution

Targeting employee engagement can be a good solution. Up2You has developed a platform that aims to do just that, combining environmental sustainability with employee engagement.

Why invest in sustainability

The benefits of incorporating sustainability into your company are many: making your company more competitive, increasing profit, and attracting new talent are just some of the benefits your company can gain. One way to do this in an innovative and fun way involves direct employee involvement.
of Millennials would accept a pay cut in order to work for an environmentally friendly company
2 out of 3 young people
Would not work for companies that are not committed to the environment
Of the Millennials would like to champion the achievement of corporate sustainable goals
Source: cnbc / GreenBiz


If you are looking for an innovative way to increase employee engagement, Up2You has developed a platform that aims to do just that. Increase employee engagement by playing with environmental sustainability.
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Customized costs
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Certified projects
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Communication kit
Planet, team building and employee management green


Engage your employees with green challenges and missions in a corporate journey toward environmental sustainability.
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Innovative and customized platform
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Green missions based on gamification
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Employee involvement assured
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