Blue economy

La Blue Economy It is a model of sustainable economic development that is based on the responsible use of marine and coastal resources, preserving their health and promoting social inclusion.

The objective ofBlue economy is to preserve the health of marine and coastal ecosystems, while ensuring asustainable economy for communities that depend on those resources.

The activities that fall under the Blue Economy they may include the sustainable fishing, theaquaculture, the sustainable coastal tourism, the production of energy from sea waves, biotechnological research and sustainable maritime transport.

We talk very often about Green Economy And less than Blue Economy, but the two philosophies are connected and complementary, in fact both seek to create economic value while preserving the environment and improving the well-being of communities. La Green Economy focuses more on sustainable development at the terrestrial level, while Blue Economy focuses on sustainable development at marine and coastal levels.

Another meaning of the term Blue Economy It is the one given by Professor Gunter Pauli in the book”The Blue Economy: 10 years, 100 Innovations. 100 Million Jobs”. La Blue Economy as understood by Gunter Pauli, it aims to achieve greater economic and environmental sustainability through innovation in all sectors of the economy.

This objective does not require major investments in environmental protection, but rather a sustainable approach to the management of existing natural resources.

This type of model focuses on the use of innovative technologies and the sustainable management of resources through the application of scientific principles.

An example of technology used in this economy is biomimicry, a field that studies the characteristics and solutions of living species to develop new production techniques or improve existing ones.

In this way, the Blue Economy proposed by Gunter Pauli seeks to combine environmental sustainability with economic growth, promoting innovative solutions to address environmental challenges.