Environmental sustainability starts with certified projects

Choose to offset and neutralize CO₂ emissions caused by your reality by supporting internationally certified projects that aim to capture or not emit CO₂.


Certified projects

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Up2You is authorized to manage Verra and Gold Standard certified carbon credits and is the first entity in Europe to do so using blockchain technology. The projects we support follow a rigorous evaluation process to be certified and cover a wide range of sectors, including renewable energy, forestry and many others.

Offsetting packages

Offsetting packages offered by Up2You are solutions that group projects by topic areas. In this way, companies can decide to offset their emissions through packages in line with their sustainability goals and corporate values. Projects have been broken down to ensure comprehensive coverage with respect to environmental, social and economic sustainability issues.


The package designed to combat climate change by acting on forests.
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Supports projects focused on species preservation and animal and plant protection. 
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SDG mix

Ensures coverage of the Sustainable Development Goals: environmental, social and economic sustainability.
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Values the use of technology to generate environmental benefits and combat climate change.
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Blue carbon

The package dedicated to projects that protect and develop coastal ecosystems.
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Social impact

The package that supports projects by prioritizing concrete benefits for local communities.
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The offsetting projects

Our projects are internationally certified and aim to avoid, reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere. By choosing them you contribute to the fight against global warming and its effects on people. Among the projects, Up2You has chosen REDD+ for forest protection, ARR projects for reforestation, the Delta Blue Carbon project, and several solutions dedicated to enhancing renewable energy.

We want to generate a positive impact on the planet
We do this with commitment and dedication, making our contribution every day with small, large gestures. And leaving a concrete trace of them.
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Why support our projects

The certified environmental projects selected by Up2You ensure absolute transparency and true traceability of their environmental efforts. All projects are audited by third parties and periodically issued with documentation showing the amount of CO₂ captured or not emitted and technical reports that provide an update on the progress of the project in question. Learn about all the main features of our certified projects.

Certified projects

Up2You is one of the few companies in Italy that can reduce and eliminate CO₂ emissions by supporting projects certified according to international parameters.

Social impact

Many of the projects proposed by Up2You also have a positive impact socially as well as environmentally.

Not only trees

Offsetting solutions involve not only reforestation activities, but also reuse, renewable energy production and use, and natural preservation.


All information about projects and carbon credits is always clear and truly transparent.


All projects have been developed with the sole purpose of capturing/avoiding CO₂ emissions, and its economic sustainability derives from that.

How to support our projects

Neutral company, make your company carbon neutral

Neutral Company

Calculate your company's Carbon Footprint and choose a strategy to become Carbon Neutral.
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Calculates CO2 emissions
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Activate the plan that's right for you
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Offsets emissions with certified projects
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Planet, team building and employee management green


Engage your employees with green challenges and missions in a corporate journey toward environmental sustainability.
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Innovative and customized platform
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Green missions based on gamification
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Employee involvement assured
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