Heqing Solar Cooker Project

Cina, Heqing

Promote the spread of solar cookers and help reduce the use of coal.

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How it works

Supporting this project, funding it, means promoting the dissemination of technologies that contribute significantly to the sustainable development of the places where they are encouraged. The region, located at high altitude, is very exposed to sunlight; at the same time, however, coal is the main source of energy. The project allows local inhabitants to efficiently replace solar energy with coal (fossil fuel), through the use of solar cookers, thus avoiding the emission of CO₂, otherwise generated precisely by the consumption of coal.

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Where does it develop?

The project is located in the northwestern part of China, more precisely in the rural area of Gaotai and Linze counties in the province of Gansu. Heqing Solar Cooker avoids the annual loss of 144 thousand tons of CO₂.

The certifications

The Verra certified project allows Hequing Solar Cooker to generate carbon credits for the CO₂ saved thanks to the introduction of solar cookers.

The project
Heqing Solar Cooker Project
contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


In addition to reducing emissions, solar cookers allow residents to reduce their energy consumption with consequent economic benefits. Avoiding burning coal and reducing the fumes of traditional stoves has improved air quality in Gansu province. Another benefit that should not be underestimated is the reduction in fires caused by coal stoves, the number of these domestic accidents has drastically decreased thanks to the introduction of solar cookers

The project in a nutshell

• Economic and social development
• Fight against climate change

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