Low CO₂ cars: here are what they are

How many emissions does an electric car produce? How many emissions does a hybrid car have? What about those in a Euro 6 car? If you need to proceed with the rental or rental of your company fleet and you want to base your choice also on CO₂ emissions, or you are simply interested in learning more about the topic, this is the article for you.
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The automobile market is changing. The reason? The presence of ecobonuses for companies, but especially the approval of agreements for the reduction ofCO2 emissions for cars and vans.

This has meant that the choice of company cars, especially for asustainability-conscious company, is no longer based solely on performance, price and personal taste, but also on theCO2 emissions it produces.

For this reason, the Up2You team decided to carry out a clear and comprehensive study on the topic, to help you better understand how many emissions different car models produce when considering the entire life cycle, and shed light on which cars actually have the leastCO2 emissions.

But that's not all, you will also find several insights and trivia that will help you get a complete overview of the topic.

Are you curious to find out whichcar has the least emissions? Let's get started!

Ranking ofCO2 emissions of cars

Here are the rankings of the 5 most polluting cars by fuel type and theirCO2 emissions at one year of use:

  1. Gasoline: 2,860 kgCO2 eq.
  2. Hybrids (electric and gasoline): 2,530 kgCO2 eq.
  3. LPG: 2,508 kgCO2 eq.
  4. Diesel: 2,457 kgCO2 eq.
  5. CNG (compressed natural gas): 2,200 kgCO2 eq.

We have seen the 5 most polluting types of cars by fuel, but that is not all of them... One question remains to be answered, perhaps the most important one.

Which is thecar with the least emissions? There are still 2 types of fuels left to analyze: hydrogen cars and electric cars with renewables. How many emissions do they produce? Which is the most sustainable?

To find out, fill out the form below and download the complete infographic we made for you for free! You'll find out which car produces the leastCO2 emissions and you'll find lots of useful facts and trivia to help you choose your next environmentally friendly car.

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Fill out the form and download the infographic
Fill out the form and download the infographic