Greenhushing: quali sono i rischi di non comunicare la sostenibilità

What is greenhushing? What does not communicate your sustainability path entail? How can you communicate your progress without risking being accused of greenwashing? Download the free infographic!
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If you are interested in environmental issues and sustainability issues, you have probably heard of greenwashing, which is a communication or marketing strategy that presents activities as environmentally sustainable while trying to hide their negative impact.

Precisely so as not to risk being accused of greenwashing, more and more companies that have embarked on a sustainable path prefer not to make statements on the subject.

Greenhushing: definition

We speak in this case of greenhushing, which is the propensity on the part of companies committed to sustainability to publicize their efforts and achievements in a limited way, or not at all.

Just like greenwashing, however, greenhushing is also very dangerous and can do great harm in the fight against climate change, but also (and especially) to the companies that practice it.

Greenhushing: the 3 risks of not communicating your commitment to sustainability

Contrary to popular belief, greenhushing can cause numerous problems:

  1. makes it difficult to monitor progress in the transition to more sustainable modes of production and consumption;

  2. avoids inter-firm comparison, which could instead generate a virtuous circle of continuous improvement to combat global warming;

  3. increases the risk of not being chosen by consumers who consider sustainability a deciding factor in purchasing.

Communicating one's sustainability (and thus do green marketing) is important to enhance your company's efforts, increase consumer trust, comply with environmental regulations, and access new market opportunities. Not doing so, on the other hand, can be a major limitation to your market positioning.

Greenhushing: rischi

But what can you do, then, to communicate your commitment to sustainability and not risk being accused of greenwashing?

Just to help you solve this problem, we have put together an infographic in which you will find 5 practical tips for communicating your sustainable achievements safely and effectively, without greenhushing or risking accusations of greenwashing.

You'll then find lots of useful data and information to better understand greenhushing and what consumers expect from companies' sustainability commitments.

Want to find out how to communicate your company's commitment to sustainability without fearing negative repercussions? Fill out the form below and download our free infographic now!

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