Green hosting

For services of web hosting means the provision of web spaces to be allocated on a server (host). The servers allow all users, who use an Internet connection, to be able to access the website.

The environmental impact of the web hosting Over the years it has become increasingly important because, like many other technological industries, it has a high consumption of electricity and a high production ofโ€digital emissionsโ€.

In this context for Green hosting We mean all the web hosting services who commit themselves through concrete actions to make their sustainable servers with a lower impact on the environment.

I green hosting services in most cases they use renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind energy, to power their servers and thus reduce their environmental impact.

In addition to the use of this type of energy, in general, the services of Green hosting operate in a context attentive to the ecological aspect, implementing a series of other policies such as:

  • use of low-energy servers;
  • compensation of residual CO emissions2 eq;
  • energy saving policies.