Digital pollution

With digital pollution we mean the environmental impact caused by the use of electronic devices, such as computers, smartphones, tablets, and all online services, responsible for the so-called”digital emissions”.

The use of electronic devices requires electricity and, consequently, their use leads to greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, the life cycle of electronic devices and online services involves the production of electronic waste, which can be highly harmful to the environment if not managed properly.

However, thedigital pollution It is mainly caused by the enormous consumption of electricity necessary to operate the devices and servers that host the online services.

(Sometimes with digital pollution it is also understood as the decrease in the quality of social interactions due to the excessive use of smartphones, computers and TV.)

Even if thedigital pollution It is usually difficult to perceive, it appears to be present in most of our daily actions: when we send an email, when we use our smartphone and even when we watch a movie. This is why digital pollution is a environmental problem emerging that requires attention and concrete actions to minimize the impact.