Boyabat Hydroelectric Power Plant

Turchia, Boyabat

It helps the generation of renewable electricity through hydroelectric power plant.

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How it works

Choosing to support this international VCS (Verified Carbon Standards) project means contributing to a correct supply of electricity to the Turkish electricity grid from a renewable source. Boyabat Hydroelectric Power Plant is a project with a capacity of 513 MW that has been designed and planned to be built on the Kızılırmak River, in the jurisdictions of Sinop, where the body of the dam is located, and partially in the jurisdictions of the provinces of Çankırı and Samsun of Turkey. The Kızılırmak River is one of the largest rivers in Turkey and gives its name to the basin of the same name, which constitutes one of the 26 major hydrographic basins in Turkey. The annual electricity supplied to the grid by the project would otherwise have been generated by the operation of the power plants connected to the grid and the addition of new generation sources. The reduction in CO₂ emissions amounts to 580,882 tons, in compliance with the Social Carbon Methodology. Up2You also certifies carbon credits through NFT on Blockchain.

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Where does it develop?

The hydroelectric power plant is located in the northern part of Turkey, more precisely in the jurisdiction of Sinop. Every year Boyabat avoids the dispersion of 580 thousand tons of CO₂, generating 1,370,000 MW of 100% renewable energy.

The certifications

The project, certified by Verra, assigns to Boyabat the carbon credits related to the CO2 saved thanks to the generation of renewable energy.

The project
Boyabat Hydroelectric Power Plant
contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Boyabat, by replacing old coal-fired power plants, has allowed an improvement in air quality and the health of the green areas that surround it. Energy from renewable sourcesCO2 captureImprovement of the energy systemFight against climate change.

The project in a nutshell

• Energy from renewable sources
• Improvement of the energy system
• Fight against climate change

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