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How it works

Valle Cà Pisani is a fishing valley located below sea level, near the Po Delta. To allow the correct biological balance, it requires continuous replacement of fresh water with seawater, an operation that is carried out through the use of channels and mobile bulkheads.

Valle Cà Pisani, by controlling these flows, is able to maximize the capture of CO2 of the algal substrate: the capture takes place mainly during the summer seasons, while in winter the algae are transported to the seabed, where they permanently deposit and store the CO2 caught. This process is repeated every year, allowing the generation of carbon credits, depending on the quantities of CO2 fixed by algae and trapped in the seabed.

Protected animal species
Preserved plant species
Hectares saved
Renewable energy produced annually
Protected animal species

Where does it develop

The project is developed in Italy, in the Po Delta area; more precisely in Porto Viro and covers about 280 hectares. Valle Cà Pisani also gives those who decide to support the project the opportunity to visit the fishing valley.

The certifications

The Valle Cà Pisani project is a certified beta-neutral initiative, which allows the seizure of CO2 from the atmosphere near the Po Delta. The beta-neutral program is recognized in the UNI document, and allows you to certify projects for the removal of CO2 that can be used by companies to offset their emissions.

The project
Valle Cà Pisani
contributes to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


In the absence of controlled management of the Fishing Valley, there would be an increase in CO emissions2 due to the eutrophication mechanisms that normally take place in the uncontrolled part of the Po Delta. Valle Cà Pisani captures more than 27,000 tons of CO annually2 equivalent from the atmosphere, favoring the protection of the biodiversity of the Po Delta and the creation of jobs.

The project in a nutshell

• CO2 capture

• Preservation of biodiversity

• Economic and social development

• Improving marine conditions

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