Moda e sostenibilità: che impatto ha la moda sull’ambiente e come ridurlo

What does sustainable fashion mean? How much impact does the fashion sector have on the environment? Download the free infographic in which you will find data, statistics, solutions to reduce the environmental impact of fashion and a real case study.
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How much does the fashion industry impact the environment

For each person, textile consumption in Europe in 2020 required on average:

  • 270 kg CO2 eq;
  • 400 m2 of land;
  • 9,000 l of water;
  • 391 kg of raw materials.

Not only that: the textile industry ranks 4th in Europe for environmental impact, after food, housing and mobility, and even produces 10% of globalCO2 eq emissions (more than the sum of emissions from shipping and civil aviation).

Source: European Union (2023)

Want to know all the data on the environmental impact of fashion? Click the link below and download the free infographic.

Download the free infographic

Sustainable fashion: what it's all about

Sustainable fashion represents a movement aimed at transforming the fashion industry, with the goal of reducing its environmental impact and improving conditions for men and women workers throughout the production chain.

Central to this movement is the idea of minimizing waste and the use of resources such as water, and promoting processes that respect the environment and people.

This approach includes the use of recycled materials, ethical production practices, and responsible consumption that values the durability and reusability of garments.

The exact opposite of "fast fashion," which is based on making products from low-quality materials, at very low prices, and with high sales volumes, pushing consumers to constantly renew their clothing, thus generating incredible amounts of waste.

How to reduce environmental impact in the fashion industry

Interested in understanding what activities to put into practice to reduce environmental impact in fashion? The Up2You Insight team has created an infographic full of data and clarification onfashion's environmental impact, with several suggestions of activities to put into practice to reduce it.

In addition, you will find the real-life case study of the Aeffe Group, which approached us at Up2You to reduce its environmental impact and embark on a structured sustainability journey.

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Fill out the form and download the infographic
Fill out the form and download the infographic