Employee engagement: come la sostenibilità ti aiuta a coinvolgere i dipendenti

The guide that explains how to keep staff motivated and involved in the company
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Employee engagement: translation and meaning

Employee engagement, or employee engagement, refers to a person's level of commitment and connection with their company, which is expressed in the passion and enthusiasm with which they do their work.

One might think that employee engagement is simply a term for job satisfaction, but that is not really the case: job satisfaction has more to do with fulfillment on a personal level, while engagement is about active involvement in the company culture.

Why it is important for companies to have an involved workforce

A recent McKinsey study states that 2 out of 5 workers plan to leave their jobs in the short term (3-6 months).

Leaving an employee or employee costs companies, on average, 33 percent of annual salary, to which must be added the losses due to the new entry's lower performance in the onboarding phase, the time and money the company has to invest in finding new talent, and the repercussions at the level of motivation (and therefore performance) on colleagues and colleagues.

Improving retention, then, directly affects companies' bottom line, which is why87 percent of HR figures set staff retention as the number one priority in the coming years.

And how do you improve retention? By working on employee engagement.

There are numerous studies to prove this; research conducted by Gallup, for example, showed that companies with high levels of employee engagement experience significant improvements in performance, including:

  • 81% reduction in absenteeism;
  • 58% reduction in occupational accidents;
  • decline in turnover;
  • 10% increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty;
  • 18 percent growth for productivity and sales.

What is the solution for improving employee engagement in the company

There are several tricks a company can put in place to try to improve employee engagement:

  • Encourage a culture of transparency, where staff feel free to express ideas and feedback;
  • Implement a recognition system that rewards individual and team contributions, thereby increasing motivation and job satisfaction;
  • Provide training and professional development to help achieve career goals while strengthening ties with the organization;
  • Promote physical and mental wellness initiatives, such as corporate wellness programs, work flexibility and stress support;
  • Use digital tools and platforms to facilitate remote work, improve internal communication, and manage projects more efficiently, contributing to a more dynamic and inclusive work environment .

All of these activities are certainly effective, however, according to the data, there is one element that can really make a difference.

The team at Up2You Insight has put together a comprehensive guide to delve deeper into the reasons why staff leave their jobs, and the levers to invest in to retain talent in the company.

Fill out the form below, download the free guide, and find out what is the most effective solution to improve employee engagement in your company.

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