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Environmental sustainability in the organization of events

The world of event planning is constantly evolving: find out how to make your event sustainable.

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The organization of green events today

Today, environmental sustainability is a key aspect of a successful corporate event, trade show participation or cultural event design. In fact, organizing sustainable events, and knowing how to communicate them correctly, improves the perception of your brand and your company by going out and implementing concrete actions toward carbon neutrality.

It is important for your guests to make sure they are attending events that are sustainable and respectful of our planet. When it comes to an event, whether corporate, trade show or educational, organizers often do not realize how unsustainable it can be. In fact, there are many elements that negatively affect the environment, including transportation, lights, gadgets and the location.
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The context

Those attending an event or trade show want to make a personal contribution to reducing their environmental impact and want to ensure that they are not supporting environmentally unfriendly projects.

The problem

Organizing an environmentally sustainable event is still perceived as difficult to put into practice. There is a lack of quick and easy solutions to make one's event carbon neutral.

The solution

With Neutral Event, Up2You offers the solution for organizing sustainable events in a few simple steps. From calculating the environmental impact of your event to engaging participants in neutralizing emissions, Up2You supports brands, people, and companies toward a sustainable present.

Why invest in sustainability

In addition to being a core value for Millennials and Gen Z, sustainability is now also an important trend in the development of any corporate branding strategy. In fact, organizing green events and promoting them in the best possible way allows you to improve attention and trust from business partners, customers, stakeholders and work teams.

By organizing a carbon neutral event you will make your event unique and memorable, concretely reduce the impact of your business on the planet, and have the opportunity to emotionally engage participants through sustainability.
of people want to understand whether a company is truly committed to sustainability*
of Italians say they are willing to spend more for a sustainable product or service*
of exhibitors and trade show visitors consider a strong focus on environmental protection important**
*Source: Ipsos Research "Ten years of Csr: a review of the future"/ **Report UFI -the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry

Green events: the solution

Up2You allows you to reduce the environmental impact of your event and zero out its CO₂ emissions. How? With digital products to measure, reduce and offset emissions and by involving your event participants, actively supporting projects with social and environmental impact.
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Neutral Events,organizes sustainable and zero-impact events

Neutral Event

With Neutral Event we accompany you from the early stages of planning a sustainable event to its conclusion. We start with the calculation of emissions, which is necessary to think about an appropriate strategy for reducing and offsetting environmental impact, and continue with the neutralization of CO₂ equivalent through selected certified international projects, which you can select according to your values. Finally, one of the key aspects of Neutral Event is the active involvement of all event participants, to entertain, excite and empower them to go green.
We calculate the emissions produced by your event
We design an emissions reduction strategy
We allow you to offset emissions with certified projects
You can actively involve guests and participants in the initiative
We will help you communicate your environmental commitment to the best of your ability
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